Banana Preserve

This is a simple to make banana preserve to save your bananas from spoiling. A simple tip to save your bananas or other fruits from spoiling: Sprinkle pineapple or calamansi juice over sliced bananas or apple to prevent browning. Store fruits and vegetables separately because ethylene gas given off by fruits causes vegetables to spoil.


ripe bananas
two parts sugar and one part water
(example: for every 2 cups sugar use 1 cup water)

How to make banana preserve:

  • Use sound ripe saba. Boil and peel the bananas.
  • Prepare syrup of two parts sugar and one part water.
  • Cook bananas in syrup for 15 minutes.
  • Drain. Pack bananas in 12-ounces preserving jars.
  • Fill with the same syrup. Remove air bubbles.

Banana Preserve